SCIENCE & NONDUALITY Talk:  "Mirror, mirror on the wall, What’s perception after all?" Perspectives from science and Kashmir Shaivism.  Lecture: Science and Non-duality Conference (SAND), San Jose, CA  2013.

SCIENCE & NONDUALITY Invited Article: "Non-dual Kashmir Shaivism - The Science of Ultimate Reality"

Kashmir Shaivism and Quantum Physics Parallels in Holography and Universal Manifestation

​Published on Mar 6, 2014

​Modern physic's Holographic Principle describing the nature of the universe has some striking parallels with the theory of the manifestation of the universe put forward by the ancient Eastern psychospiritual tradition (yogic science) of Kashmir Shaivism.


Maria Syldona, Ph.D.

        Research and Education

Institute For 

Human Psychospiritual Development


"Higher states of consciousness beyond space and time: A Comparative perspective from Eastern cosmologies and Western science".  Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), 27th Annual Meeting.Boulder, CO  2008.