MARIA SYLDONA, Ph.D.Curriculum Vitae                                                                         P.O. Box 428                                                                                                 (970) 626-4105Ridgway, CO 81432                                                                                                                      PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCERESEARCHFounder & Director, Institute for Human Psychospiritual Development (IHPD)IHPD is a research and educational institute for promoting conscious, dynamic and participative human psychospiritual evolution through both intellectual and experiential modalities.  Qualitative research in Eastern Psychospiritual sciences emphasizes the scriptural texts of the ancient science tradition of Kashmir Shaivism.  Research in current developments pertaining to modern Western science includes physics, the neurosciences and perception.  Comparative, integrative research involving tenets of Kashmir Shaivism and developments in modern science is used to demonstrate important similarities between the two, and highlights the potential of promoting both breakthroughs in modern science, and active advancement of human Psychospiritual development  (evolution).  The practice aspect of Kashmir Shaivism is incorporated with demonstrations and experiential exercises.  Ridgway, CO   2004 - PresentAdjunct Faculty, Clinical Research    1) Research in behavioral medicine, Department of Psychology.  Areas of intervention research included body image/eating disorders.   2) Educational seminars and courses in Energy Medicine, Mind/Body Medicine, and related fields, for medical students and interns, such as: ‘Correlations between psychospiritual processes and DC electrodermal potential patterns, a cross-cultural study’.  Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY  1997 - PresentResearch Director, Quantum Biology Research Lab (QBRL)Energy medicine, biofield, and bioelectric research.  QBRL, Huntington, NY and Ridgway, CO  1995-2010 Advisor, State of Rhode Island Substance Abuse Treatment Standards Committee Levels of Care Standards Committee for substance abuse treatment programs in Rhode Island.  State of Rhode Island Division of Substance Abuse, Providence, RI  1991-1992  Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Clinical Research Faculty Research areas: role of spirituality in substance abuse treatment outcome; prevention of substance abuse among high-risk youth; treatment of mothers with infants.  -Research Supervisor: Richard Longabaugh, EdD, Associate Director, Center for Alcohol & Addiction Studies (CAAS), Brown University School of Medicine, Providence, RI  1990-1992   Co-founder and Co-director, Western Kirlian Research Association (WKRA)Biofield and energy medicine/psychology research. Los Angeles, CA  1982-1987President and Co-founder, Bioelectricity Research Institute (BRI) Biofield and energy medicine/psychology research. Los Angeles, CA  1982-1987 Biofield Researcher, CDI Applications to Bioelectric/Bioelectromagnetic Research Developed, constructed and demonstrated a unique prototype biofeedback modality employing a digitized, colorized video version of Corona Discharge Imaging (CDI).  This novel modality was created for potential research in, and applications to, Behavioral Medicine, Energy Medicine, Mind/Body Medicine and Energy Psychology.  Bioelectricity Research Institute (BRI), Los Angeles, CA  1982-1983  Research Director, California Acupuncture College (CAC) Instituted and directed the research program; advised and facilitated research projects. -Supervisor: Steve Rosenblatt, PhD, L.Ac., Founder and President, CAC, Los Angeles, CA  1982-1984  CLINICALClinical Psychology LicensesColorado, California, Georgia Founder and Developer, ‘The Syldona System’ ‘The Syldona System’ is a biopsychospiritual, synergistic system for promoting the ultimate realization of human potential that emphasizes the mental/emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of a person in an intentional, participative and dynamic process.  It is an integration of methods and elements inherent in Behavioral Medicine, Mind/Body Medicine, Transpersonal Psychology, Energy Psychology (EP), and Eastern Psychospiritual traditions (such as Kashmir Shaivism).  Among the techniques employed and taught are meditation, imagery, contemplation and mental energy healing, for both the goal of resolution of psychological issues and the goal of Psychospiritual (human evolutionary) development.  Huntington, NY and Ridgway, CO  1994 - Present                                                                       Psychospiritual Psychology PracticePrivate practice specializing in: stress management, anxiety disorders, addiction recovery, meditation/relaxation training and psychospiritual approaches to psychotherapy.  Oakland, CA  1993-1995                                                                     Staff PsychotherapistInstituted, designed, and led a collaborative group of clinicians in, the implementation of a stress management program for relapse prevention treatment, based on an integrated East-West psychospiritual therapeutic model.  Stanford Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center, Stanford University Department of Psychiatry, Stanford, CA  1989-1990                                                                                Postdoctoral Intern -Internship Supervisor: Philip Zimbardo, PhD, Psychology Department Head    Clinical   1) Therapist, inpatient/outpatient, individual/group psychotherapy. Developed and initiated mind/body medicine and stress management programs.  (Advisor: Susan Raeburn, PhD),  Stanford Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center, Stanford University Department of Psychiatry,  Stanford, CA  1988-1989   2) Developed and implemented relaxation/meditation psychospiritual training program for clinical treatment of sleep disorders patients.  (Advisor: German Nino-Murcia, MD),  Sleep Disorders Clinic, Stanford University Department of Psychiatry,  Stanford, CA  1987-1989     Research   3) Research in aspects of performance anxiety.  (Advisor: Philip Zimbardo, PhD),  Department of Psychology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA  1987-1988    4) Research in dream state functioning and lucid dreaming.  (Advisor: Stephen LaBerge, PhD),  Department of Psychology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA  1987   FACULTY POSITIONS and courseS FacultyClinical Faculty and Postdoctoral FellowPostdoctoral Seminar: ‘Introduction to Eastern psychospiritual traditions and their potential to enhance our understanding & treatment of addictions’.  Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies, Brown University School of Medicine, Providence, RI  1991                                                                       Postdoctoral Clinical StaffPostdoctoral Clinical Seminar: ‘Eastern psychospiritual traditions as a framework for understanding and treating addiction’.  Stanford Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center (SADTC), Stanford University Department of Psychiatry, Stanford, CA  1989  Postdoctoral Clinical Staff   1) Postdoctoral Clinical Seminar: ‘Potential role of psychospiritual techniques in the treatment of narcolepsy’.   2) Postdoctoral Clinical Seminar Series: ‘Applications of Eastern Psychospiritual development concepts and practices to the treatment of insomnia and other sleep disorders’.  Stanford University Sleep Disorders Clinic, Department of Psychiatry, Stanford, CA  1987-1988  Faculty, Department of Psychology Course: ‘Exploring the mind through Eastern Psychology’.  Department of Psychology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA  1988College Faculty and Clinical Competency Director   1) Developed and implemented communications skills and clinical competency programs for chiropractic interns and clinical faculty.    2) Courses taught: ‘Introductory Psychology’ and ‘Research Methodology’.  Life Chiropractic College-West, San Lorenzo, CA  1987-1989                                                                          Adjunct FacultyCourse taught:  ‘The Alcohol Troubled Person’.  Department of Psychology, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI  1990-1991  Courses taught:  ‘Advanced Theories of Personality’ and ‘Child Development’, Pacific Graduate School of Psychology (Palo Alto University), Palo Alto, CA  1988-1989     Invited Guest Scholar/LecturerCourse taught: ‘Alternative perspectives on Western Psychology: Eastern Psychology as a theoretical basis for Western Behavioral Medicine’.  Department of Psychology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA  1987                     Continuing Education Course and Seminar Faculty  Continuing Education Seminar:  ‘Eastern psychospiritual systems and their role in health and human development’.  Psychology of Consciousness, Energy Medicine & Dynamic Change Conference, National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM), Hilton Head, SC  1999Continuing Education Course:  ‘Towards a scientific and experiential understanding of the mechanisms of energy medicine - applications to physical and psychospiritual health and well-being’.  International Society for Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine Conference (ISSSEEM), Boulder, CO  1997Continuing Education Seminar:  ‘Electrophysiological and psychological characteristics of practitioners of healing meditation techniques’.  Psychology of Health, Immunity and Disease Conference, National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM), Hilton Head, SC  1996     Secondary Education FacultySpecial Education Teacher / Counselor   1) Taught severely emotionally disturbed (SED) adolescents and children while they        were in treatment on a child and adolescent psychiatric ward.   Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, San Diego City Schools Institution Program, San Diego, CA  1979-1981   2) Taught/counseled SED adolescents and young adults.  Boys and Girls Aide Group Home, San Diego City Schools Institution Program, San Diego, CA  1978-1979Special Education Teacher / Work Experience Program CoordinatorAcademic/occupational services for special needs adolescent and young adult students. Special Education Department, Windsor Public Schools, Windsor, CT  1975-1976Mathematics Teacher, Junior/Senior High SchoolTaught mathematics to a range of students: exceptional (gifted) to ‘at-risk’ learners.Manchester Public Schools, Manchester, CT  1974-1975Faculty - InstructorMartial Arts Instructor – Shotokan Karate (Shotokan Karate of America)Taught Karate and self-defense for adults and adolescents.  1970-1987MANAGEMENT POSITIONSPersonnel Management SpecialistRecruitment, selection, placement, and training of research, support and management personnel.  Advised and assisted divisional management in formulation of personnel and organizational policy for divisions: Brookhaven National Lab, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, Batavia National Lab and Contracts Management Division.  United States Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA), Argonne, IL  1977-1978                                                                                                                                                                                Management SpecialistWage and salary analyst; systems programmer; developer and coordinator of a new company program, the College Cooperative Work Experience Program for Engineering and Management Positions.  United Technologies, Windsor Locks, CT  1973-1974                                                                                 SPECIAL PROJECTS AND PROGRAMSResident Staff, South Fallsburg Siddha Yoga Ashram Editing of educational course materials, such as the Siddha Yoga Correspondence Course; assisting in preparations for, and participating in, special scriptural and traditional ceremonies and events, such as meditation and chanting programs, pujas, yagnas, and others; caretaking/housekeeping duties in sacred and ceremonial ashram locations, such as the ashram temple and meditation halls; scriptural research; purchasing for ashram special projects and necessities.  SYDA Foundation - South Fallsburg Ashram, South Fallsburg, NY  1991-1993Part-time Staff/Resident, Oakland Siddha Yoga AshramPerformed, participated in, and supervised special scriptural and traditional events and spiritual/sacred ceremonies, such as pujas; pujari for daily meditation hall morning programs; purchasing department.  SYDA Foundation - Oakland Ashram, Oakland, CA  1987-1989Part-time Staff/Resident, Santa Monica Siddha Yoga AshramParticipated in special scriptural and traditional events and sacred ceremonies; performed morning opening ceremonies (pujas) for the ashram (meditation hall, temple, and other locations); bookstore operations; meal preparation; assisted with, and participated in, traditional sacred ceremonies performed for the closing of the Santa Monica Ashram.  SYDA Foundation - Santa Monica Ashram, Santa Monica, CA  1982-1987Executive Director, WKRA International ConferenceInaugurated, organized, and coordinated all aspects of the First International Conference of the Western Kirlian Research Association, featuring Ioan Florin Dumitrescu, MD, DSc. and his work in bioelectrography and electronography,  Western Kirlian Research Association (WKRA), Los Angeles, CA  1983EDITING, WRITING AND PUBLISHING EditorEditor for Ancient Science Journal, a publication of Vedic Research International - VRI Press.  2013 - Present Editor/writer   1) Editing for SYDA Foundation: Examples: Book, Splendor of Recognition, an English rendition of the Kashmir Shaivism text, the Pratyabhijna Hrdayam (the ‘Doctrine of Recognition’), by Swami Shantananda; Educational/course material: ‘Siddha Yoga Correspondence Course’; Instructional/procedural materials for staff and ashram residents, etc.   2) Writing: Example: Journal article for Darshan Magazine.  SYDA Foundation, South Fallsburg, NY  1990 - Present                                                                                                                                                                           EditorEditing for Professor Philip Zimbardo:  Example: Book chapter entitled ‘The Nature of Consciousness’, in his textbook, Psychology and Life, 12th Edition, 1988.  Stanford University Psychology Department, Stanford, CA  1987Science EditorEditing of books, journal articles, grant submissions, etc. for various groups and individuals.  1982 - PresentPublisherCompiled and published the Research Reprint Series for the First International Conference of the Western Kirlian Research Association. WKRA, Los Angeles, CA 1983EDUCATIONPh.D.  PsychologyInternational College, Los Angeles, CA  1984-1987ABD PsychologyCalifornia School of Professional Psychology, San Diego, CA  1982-1984M.A.  Special EducationEmphasis on Learning Disabilities (brain processes) and Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) (primarily autism) in children, adolescents and young adults St. Joseph’s College (University of St. Joseph), West Hartford, CT  1973-1976B.S. Management Science (Minor in Mathematics and Secondary Math Education)Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA  1969-1973EXTENDED PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAININGCROSS-CULTURAL, BIOPSYCHOSPIRITUAL, BEHAVIORAL MEDICINE   Comprehensive Training Programs/Workshops: National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM)1) ‘The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy: Healing the Social Brain’  (L. Cozolino)  20112) ‘Good and Bad of Dopamine and Serotonin’  (Joel Robertson)  2008 3) ‘Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - Energy Psychology’  (Carol Look)  20064) ‘Energy Psychology’  (Fred Gallo)  20045) ‘Imagery and Healing’  (Achterberg and Lawlis)  1998                                             6) ‘Mozart Effect applied to Clinical Practice’  (Don Campbell)  19987) ‘Interactive Guided Imagery’  (Rossman and Bressler)  19978) ‘Biofield Therapy Theory and Training’  (Valerie Hunt)  19969) ‘Energy and Psychotherapy Healing; Confluent Somatic Therapy’  (S.Vazquez)  1995 10) ‘Qi gong’  (Master Zheng Hong Chen, Howard, Arbetter)  1994 & 199511) ‘Mind/Body Medicine, Comprehensive Training Workshop’  (James Spira)  199512) ‘Clinical Hypnosis Training’  (Sylvester and Erickson)  199413) ‘Holoenergetic Healing’  (Leonard Laskow)  1994                                                                                                                                                                                               SPIRITUAL PRACTICES, HEALING and MARTIAL ARTSKashmir Shaivism Scriptural CourseFirst presentation of the initial chapters of the Tantraloka; authored by Abhinavagupta; Translated from Sanskrit, and taught, by Mark Dyczkowski, PhD.  Berkeley, CA  2012Reiki (Usui System)Level I and Level II - Multiple Instructors.  1994, 1996Therapeutic TouchMultiple Instructors.  1984-1986Martial Arts - Black Belt in Shotokan KarateMaster Tsutomu Oshima’s Dojo.  (Master Oshima is a Direct Student and Shihan (Chief Instructor) of Gichin Funakoshi, the Father of Shotokan.)  Black Belt Awarded in 1976.Meditation and Eastern Psychospiritual Traditions Practice and training in several traditions/schools: Zen (Buddhism) – including study in a Zen monastery in Japan, Transcendental Meditation (TM), Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF), Vedanta, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Kashmir Shaivism, Vipassana (Buddhism), Siddha Yoga.  1969 - present                                                    

Publications and Professional Presentations                                                                                                                                                                            PublicationsSyldona M, Rein G.  Reducing the in-vitro electromagnetic field effect of cellular phones on human DNA and the intensity of their emitted radiation.  Acupuncture & Electro-therapeutics Res. Int. J.; 32:1-14,  2007.Rein G, Syldona M.  Energy Medicine and Energy Therapies, Book chapter in: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Treatments in Cardiovascular Diseases,Stein, R and Oz, M [Eds.], Humana Press, NY  2003.Syldona M.  Characteristics of DC electrodermal measurements as possible indicators of disease states.  Proc. 1st International Congress on New Medical Technologies, St. Petersburg State Technical University, St. Petersburg, Russia  2001.Syldona M.  Role of DC biopotentials in predicting health and disease.  Proc. 1st International Congress on Predictive Medicine, Medical Genetics and Predictive Medicine Dept., University of Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, France  2001.Syldona M.  Toward a universal (electrophysiological) measurement paradigm for acupuncture meridian and chi activity in healing, meditation and psychospiritual treatment modalities.  Proc. 2nd Ann. Intl. Energy Psych. Conf., Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) and Transformation Training Network (TTN), Las Vegas, NV  2000.  Syldona M.  Correlates of felt sense experience and electrodermal measurements in meditative states of consciousness.  Proc. “Toward a Science of Consciousness, Tucson 2000” Conf., University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ  2000.      Syldona M, Rein G.  The use of DC electrodermal potential measurements and healer’s felt sense to assess the energetic nature of qi.  Jnl. Alt. Comp. Med. 5:329-347,  1999.                                                                                                                                                                            Syldona M, Rein G.  New approaches to things we thought we couldn’t change: The course of our own evolution and the shape of our own DNA.  Proc. “The Psychology of Consciousness, Energy Medicine & Dynamic Change”, National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM), Hilton Head, SC  1999.Syldona M.  Electrophysiological and psychological assessment of mental healing practitioners.  Ph.D. dissertation, International College, Los Angeles, CA  1987.Syldona M.  The role of bioelectrography (Corona Discharge Imaging - CDI) in cancer research.  Proc. 37th Ann. Conf. on Eng. in Med. & Biol. (ACEMB - IEEE), Alliance for Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Los Angeles, CA  1984.                                                                          CONFERENCE and MEDIA PRESENTATIONSSyldona M.  Mirror, mirror on the wall, What’s perception after all? Perspectives from science and Kashmir Shaivism.  Lecture: Science and Non-duality Conference (SAND), San Jose, CA  2013.Syldona M.  Holography and universal manifestation: Quantum physics and the Yogic science of Kashmir Shaivism.  Lecture: 32nd Ann. Meeting, Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), Dearborn, MI  2013.Syldona M.  Who says the Big Bang was loud? Science conundrums and Kashmir Shaivism secrets – the Self as Consciousness, perception and time.  Lecture: Science and Non-duality Conf. (SAND), San Rafael, CA  2012.   Syldona M.  Anomalous results in a DC biopotential study: Implications for promoting health and well-being in adult development.  Lecture: 31st Ann. Mtg. Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), Boulder, CO  2012.Syldona M.  Light, Vision & Consciousness: Essence of ultimate reality & human evolution in Kashmir Shaivism.  Lecture: 21st Ann. Conf., International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), Westminster, CO  2011.Syldona M.  Integrating the physical and spiritual sciences: Kashmir Shaivism and the roots of modern physical sciences.  Lecture: 21st Ann. Conf., International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), Westminster, CO  2011.Syldona M.  Science of subjectivity - Key to understanding the nature of reality.  Lecture: 30th Ann. Mtg., Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), Boulder, CO  2011.Syldona M.  Non-dual Kashmir Shaivism: Science and spirituality, cosmology and human evolution. Science and Non-duality Conf. (SAND), San Rafael, CA  2010.Syldona M.  Perspectives on anomalies research and human evolutionary development: Toward a ‘Hybrid Science’.  Lecture: 28th Ann. Mtg., Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA  2009.                                                                                                                                                                           Syldona M.  A Traditional Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi: A Kashmir Shaivism perspective. Lecture and Presentation: Mahatma Gandhi Birthday Memorial, The International Gandhi Society, Denver, CO  2008. Syldona M.  East-West Perspectives on universal manifestation: Implications for planetary stewardship.  Lecture: 3rd Ann. Conf. on the Convergence of Science and Spirituality: Science, Earth and Spirit; Interfaith Council at Stapleton, Bhaktivedanta Inst., et al, Denver, CO  2008.                                                                                                                          Syldona M.  Higher states of consciousness beyond space and time: A Comparative perspective from Eastern cosmologies and Western science.  Lecture: 27th Ann. Mtg., Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), Boulder, CO  2008.Syldona M.  A Western Key to Qi: DC Potential signals as indicators of the presence and movement of Qi.  Lecture: 26th Ann. Mtg., Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI  2007.Syldona M.  Cross-cultural and psychospiritual prospective on electrodermal DC potentials and Qi.  Panel presentation: 33rd Ann. Conf., Biofeedback Society of California: Current Perspectives in Psychophysiology: Bioplasticity and Biofeedback, San Diego, CA  2007.Syldona M.  Holistic approach to the study of psychospiritual healing.  Seminar: Intl. Soc. Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Med. (ISSSEEM), Colorado Springs, CO  2004.Syldona M.  Correlation of DC electrodermal biopotentials and healers’ ‘felt sense’: Toward a measurement of Chi.  Lecture: 1st World Symposium on Self-Healing and Mental Abilities, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Iselin, NJ  2001.Syldona M.  Mechanisms of energy healing: Use of the electrophysiological and psychological measures of real-time DC potentials and healer’s ‘felt sense’ as evidence of changes in Qi (prana) activity during mental healing.  Lecture: Conf. on Science, Information & Spirit - The 1st Intl. Scientific Congress on Bioelectrography, St. Petersburg State Technical University, St. Petersburg, Russia  2001.Syldona M, Rein G.  Multidimensional aspects of healing: Synthesis of Eastern scriptures and Western biophysics.  Lecture and workshop: Intl. Conf. on Science and Consciousness, The Message Co., Albuquerque, NM  1999.Syldona M.  Healing by the Laying-on of Hands: Psychological aspects of healing practitioners.  Poster presentation: Natl. Inst. for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM), Hilton Head, SC  1996.Syldona M.  Potential role of bioelectromagnetic field regulation in promoting good health, with special considerations for new areas of cancer research.  Lecture: Intl. Soc. of Bioelectricity, Boston, MA  1983.Syldona M.  Demonstration of a new biofeedback modality utilizing a real-time, digitized, colorized video technique of corona discharge imaging (CDI) and specific mental imagery for psychological and psychophysiological health.  Interview: The Disney (Television) Channel Premieres, Los Angeles, CA  Aired in 1983.Syldona M.  Role of bioelectromagnetic field regulation in promoting good physical and psychological health: real-time, digitized, colorized ‘corona discharge video imaging’ for biofeedback applications.  Demonstration and lecture: Arachaeus Project, Bakken Museum of Electricity in Life, and Professor Otto Schmitt, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN  1982.